Sep 1, 2010

Bachelor's Dinner

One evening when the Beau were out with his family, I headed to a nearby cafe for a quick bite. Was clad in a muscle-T and broad shorts with flip-flops, typical flamboyantly homosexual that even a straight could tell I'm weird.

So I walked into a food centre and caught a glimpse of another single bachelor who locked his gaze at me. I walked further into the shop looking for a place to see, trying to avoid looking back at him, but I knew he was following me with his eyes.

Finally I sad down on a table behind him. Definitely gay, I thought.

Singlet, broad shorts, flip flops. Any more gayer? LOL Wondered where does he live. Hmmm... I live around too! LOL


simonlover said...

You could hv exchanged eye contacts ma! Hahaha..Just befriending an unknown & suspected gay guy doesn't mean you're cheating ur beau - ma!

tuls said...

aiyor.. looks like me from behind de.. hahahahahaha perasaness!!

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Takashi said...

i agreed with simonlover..

stricking up a friendship randomly is always a friendship thats worth the sweat..