Sep 25, 2010

Good Night Kiss

Went holiday with the Beau last weekend to a nearby town, just to get away from the hustle bustle of the big city. Not that we don't like the city, heck that's the only place I can survive; but rather, we just wanted to drive somewhere and cuddle underneath that comforter watching TV and sleep whole day, in a foreign room.

The next moning, Beau asked me if I had a good sleep.

Me: Great sleep. Why?

Beau: Nothing. Of course you had a good sleep. Some more with the loud snore and teeth grinding.

Me: Oops... So you can't sleep ah?

Beau: Not really wor...

Me: Because I snore too loud already is it?

Beau: No lah. I'm used to that. But maybe because didn't have good night kiss lor.

Me: -.-"


tuls said...

yalar... oi oi oi!! give la good night kiss properly! ahahaha.. is like sending a letter without putting the stamp.. cis cis cis !!! ahahahahaha

Chen Xing said...

haha, funny.."sending a letter without the stamp"...

Koala Express said...

really kenot tahan u 2. next time pls kiss anywhere, somewhere! :P n pls give more than 1 kiss. :P