Oct 21, 2010

Toilet Business

Ever since the Beau had his iPhone 4, he's practically online 24/7. Either on Wifi or the 3G that came with the service provider package. One day after reaching home from gym, he buzzed me on IM.

Beau: Dear, what are you doing?

Me: Reading newspaper.

Beau: I'm in the toilet doing big business now.

Me: Eeeew! You don't have to tell me that...

Beau: Hehe...

About a minute later,

Beau: Finish dy. Should I jerk off or not leh?

Me: Up to you lor.

Beau: Done.

Me: So fast one?

Beau: I'm going to shower and clean up now.

In the toilet mind you! He's bloody online in the toilet! LOL

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