Oct 15, 2010

Honk! Honk!

Beau is not a patient man on the road. He cursed a lot. And he sometimes honks other car. When he honks, he'll smash his steering wheel. Many times I thought he'd break that thing.

So one day, as we were going into a parking lot in front of a shop, but was obstructed by another car in front of us, Beau honked a long honk...

Me: Why you always like to honk... So sia sui nia.

Beau: Sia sui meh?

Me: Yeah lor. Everyone looked at us.

Beau: I like leh.

Me: No eye see... Face dunno burry where...

Beau: La la la.


tuls said...

i also like to honk and hit the steering wheel.. hahaha.. bubu got influenced by me and now he is honking too :) hahahaha

nicky05 said...

cover ur head with paper bag...haha..jk..:P