Oct 17, 2010

My Type

So we saw a mutual friend of ours' whose profile on Fridae. Beau said he really gained a lot of muscle mass since we last went out together. And he asked me if I like.

But you know, it's difficult to like a friend. It's a very vague definition. Are you saying like with a little sexual twist? Or just plain like? If he's already a friend, that means there's already a certain degree of liking right? Else we won't even be friends. But if there's the sexual intention, certainly not.

So I sent a picture that I like.

Beau: WAH! So big!

Me: Yeah.

Beau: If I become like this how?

Me: You want to? I thought you said this type very ugly?

Beau: Yeah, so ugly.

So I suppose my boyfriend will never be a bodybuilder. LOL.


tuls said...

bubu also want this type of body wan.. so sien la.. if he sees one anywhere on the street or shopping mall, he will drool.. swtness.. so big big very nice mar?

Gratitude said...

lain orang lain ragam

Chen Xing said...

Too buff dee, not nice to cuddle.

Calvin @ Bien said...

Both me n beau are not lilin this type cause ugly :p