Jan 6, 2012


Beau and I have came to like this drink even though I used to think it's overpriced and over-rated last time. So one day we were walking towards some shops and this milk tea shop came into view.

Beau: Chatime wor!

Clayden: You want ah?

Beau: Can can... We get one share share la...

Clayden: Okay...

Beau: Dear get pearl milk tea can ah?

Clayden: Can...

Beau: Or you want to get the one you like? The jelly one? You decide la.

So I went into the shop. Wanting to get my jelly milk tea. But somehow my fingers just pointed the pearl milk tea. I think. And when I saw the waiter preparing the drink and all without any pearl seen, I sort of wondered if he got my order correct! But alas, it was the pearl milk tea.

So I came out and meet up with Beau halfway between Chatime and the shop.

Beau: Eeee! Pearl wor... Dear didn't get your jelly one?

Clayden: Dear like pearl mar.

Beau: Hehee... Me dear think of me so much geh?

Clayden: Of course la...


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ooi2009 said...

i want u ....plse!