Jan 27, 2012


Who would you choose?

Your spouse or your family i.e. your parents and your siblings?


The chic and cheap said...

family may not always support you, but they will always love you. Love may always support you but its love may end one day..... this is an hard question..

Tempus said...

myself hahahaha... i don't know leh

ooi2009 said...

i will support u clayden

rotiboy said...

IMHO, who becomes your family is fated on the day you are born but who becomes your spouse is what you have worked through. Family can never really severe the fated bond with you but spousal relationship is more fragile. In a way, spousal relationship is more precious and comes by the harder way. Not saying that we should take the family ties for granted but personally I think spousal relationship is more precious.

When it comes to the point that I have to make a choice between the two (and that I'm certain that the person is the love of my life), I will probably choose my spouse while hoping my family to understand and accept my spouse. Even if the relationship fails, family who loves me will always be there for me.