Jan 11, 2012

Angry Clay

So there was this incident in the gym just before New Year.

Went to a Pump class.

And a lady placed her board in a place so awkward that other people couldn't stand near her. The space between her board and the next board is not big enough, and s

he's not behind enough, and she's not front enough, and to her right it's not big enough for another board. To the right corner it's not big enough for another board as it's near to the pillar already. In short, she's dumb and she thought she owned the gym.

So, Clayden placed a board next to hers. And pushed her to the left, to make more space that would be comfortable for everyone.

She came into the studio stunned.

Clayden: Do you mind I pushed your board over?

CheebyeLady: No...

Clayden: Okay? Ok.

CheebyeLady: No... NO! NO! NO!

And she continued to pushed her board back to her original place.

Clayden: You can't move?

CheebyeLady: NO NO!

Clayden: So you okay with that place or you want your old place?

CheebyeLady: NO NO!

Clayden: You mean your original place?
CheebyeLady: Yes...

Clayden: Okay fine...

I walked away initially feeling unhappy because I couldn't stand comfortably. But after a while, my unhappiness turned into anger. And I spent the next 10 minutes bitching with Beau. Because she fucking go and bitch about it to her friend.

What the fuck lady. When you said NO to my "Do you mind?" Question, it means you don't mind.

1. And when you said you don't mind, it means you are oka
y to stand at another place. Mind you, that's like, BASIC English!

2. But if you minded, then you should explain politely why you minded. Not "NO NO NO NO NO!" in such a tone as though I've stolen your space.

3. And then you go and bitch about me pushing your board to your equally bimbotic aunty friend. What the fuck bitch?

I wouldn't be as angry if you hadn't been bitchy. But I am now because you are one. So yeah, FUCK YOU! And if you do read this, here's your big fat butt. Yes the one in Pink top.

Next time, learn some manners. Everyone PAID for the gym membership. The gym is NOT YOURS! So if you don't like it, FUCK OFF!


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