Jan 12, 2012

Calming Clay

Following the incident with that CHEEBYECHAOHAIFACE lady...

Beau: Cool down la dear, no need to be so angry with her one. Why spoil your morning because of such a selfish stupid bimbo?

Clayden: I'm trying to! But she's bloody selfish! And that's like SUPER selfish! Urgh! Angry!

Beau: When I first saw her bitching to her friend I already know. Her face already has a "Selfish" stamp in the forehead. Why bother? Don't waste your energy being angry at this kind of people one.

Clayden: Bloody hell.

Beau: Aiyah. Let her be la. What for waste your energy?

And so we continued with the class. Kinda satisfied to see that the bitch couldn't even follow the beat properly. Stupid bimbo. No wonder.

La la la.


ooi2009 said...

i would love to have sex with u when ur angry clayden...yummy

rotiboy said...

haha true bitches are everywhere.. it takes people like you to take on them otherwise they never feel they have been bitches la la la