Feb 12, 2011

LesMills Classes Launching

We're not really fans of launch you see. Whenever there's a launch, it seems like the whole population of gym members in the region will flock to one particular branch where the launch happens. So you get to see a wide range of guys, also a very limited number of lockers. Which also means, you get a reason to linger longer in the locker room waiting for an empty locker, but also means you're wasting your time looking at fat guys.

So after we did our weights, we stood outside the crowded studio. Members' board were just 1o inches from one another. And you're actually wondering how they could do Bodysteps without tripping over the other member's board. Crazy bunch of Bodysteppers...

As the class was coming to an end, one member came out earlier. And then there it followed... The SMELLLLLLLL...

Can DIE I tell you! If one could actually capture the smell and put it inside a bottle or something, and use it like those sedative the kidnappers in the old movies used to cover the nose of their victims, I'm sure the victims could pass out in no time as well!

Clayden: Oh My GOD! The smell!!! SO smelly!

Beau: Expected. Look at the number of people inside there.

Clayden: Can die... Wonder how the members for the next class can stand that smell!

Beau: The number actually doubles, if not tripples, the normal day.

Clayden: These crazy fans... Really crazy one...

LOL. Then again, I remembered I used to be one of them too. Going to every single Steps class in Klang Valley when I was still in KL last year. LMAO. Gay or not?

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