Feb 4, 2011

Asia Biggest Loser

Beau never seemed to have enough of teasing me being fat. I mean, well, I'm not FAT fat, I think. Otherwise I'd have qualified for the Asia's Biggest Loser already. I'm just well, let's say, on the stocky side.

One day in the gym, while we were in the threadmill running, the Asia Biggest Loser was showing on the TV on the screen.

Beau: You should join the next round.

Clayden: Crazy la you. I don't need to work is it?

Beau: But you will lose more weight!

Clayden: I don't have time to lose weight there. Those people 'jiak pa bo su jor' one, that's why they're so fat and they can go to to the show. I'm not like them!

Beau: Heeee..

Still dare smile... Phuh. I will lose my temper also one lor! :P

1 comment:

weirdentertainer said...

well, if you want, we can check you out ourselves to see whether you're "fat" or not... ;P