Feb 10, 2011

Gay Colleague

There was a ex-colleague of mine who, I was friend with ealier, but not friends anymore later; because well, we just didn't quite get along. So one day, when I found ot that he's gay (apparently I saw his profile on the front page of Fridae.com when I went in to check on the news of the local gay scenes), I got quite a shock; and ever since, I started avoiding him. So when I left my previous company, I was so relieved I didn't have to face him again.

But who'd have guessed the world to be such a small place... I saw him in the gym some time ago, and bumped into him a few more times after that! We weren't in talking terms, I didn't say "Hi", neither did he. I don't know why, just that, well, if I found out he's gay, he'd probably know that I'm with Beau too.

So more often than not, when we saw the glimpse of each other in the gym, we just walked in different direction.

But, Beau begged to differ, he always asked me to go say hi!

Beau: Your colleague!

Clayden: Where?!

Beau: In the studio Bodyjamming!

Clayden: Let's go. Before they come out.

Beau: Why are you so scared?

Clayden: I'm not! I just don't want to see him...

And you wonder why gays are called queers... :P

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