Apr 1, 2011

Instructor's Impression

So we reached the gym in time to register for the bikes for RPM. We thought it was a class by L, but to our shock, another instructor whom well, I despised. A LOT.

Beau: So? Joining or not?

Clayden: (double confirm with the receptionist) She's taking the last class as well?

Receptionist: Yeah, that's the last class for today.

Beau: So? Going or not?

Clayden: NO

So loudly even the receptionist smiled.

Really. Sometimes it's not about the technique or the class. But visual impression plays a lot. Apparently, even when everyone else think she's hot (and was made the model for the gym's timetable booklet all the time), I never liked her.

She's got the "LAN SI" face.


ooi2009 said...

haiyo , when pple call u lansi then u dun like , why la

Deicidal said...

in this day and age, much emphasis is put on the face value of things... :-"
but who can blame us?

Ryan said...

Whoa! Like that also can?!