Apr 9, 2011


While waiting for the Beau to finish his workout one night, Clayden was sitting in the lounge, flipping through a magazine. Lots of advertisements, all those cosmetics that female use. Finally stopping at an article about "Alpha male versus Metrosexuals". Interesting read.

And then Beau came, just finished his workout.

Beau: What are you reading?

Clayden: CLEO.

Beau: *choke*

Clayden: *rolleyes* Cannot?

Beau: Can... of course can...

But yeah... Never knew CLEO is so... feminine. And if you're wondering, I think Beau and I are both alpha males, with perhaps 20% of metrosexuality. LMAO


Chen Xing said...

The "Top 50 Eligible Edition" is already out.


zhenyu27 said...

me too , i like them hard as i am hard and macho myself

Deicidal said...

hmmm. i must get the issue... though i must say, i have been disappointed except for the issue with henry golding jr.. and even that wasn't great.

i think the 80:20 mix is great. :P 20% metrosexual in terms of style and sensibility. the other 80% of spartan lovemaking is much needed.