Aug 3, 2011

Half a Venti Frappucino

Was drinking at Starbucks... And Beau sitting opposite where I sat. And we were talking about something, and he was on the net, and we were excited over something, so I stood up to peek over the screen from above. As I was to sit down, I sort of accidentally spilled my Frap., luckily I already finished more than half of it.
Beau: Your venti sized drink is actually just a tall size.

Clayden: No thanks to you. Making me excited.

Beau: You opened the cap.

Clayden: You had them put the whip cream on top.

Beau: Still, you spilled your drink.

Clayden: *pouts lips*

1 comment:

Naughty Prince said...

dun argue or sad about small accident...