Aug 2, 2011


So we were driving in Mont Kiara, as you know, the hilly bumpy roads, and cars parking by the side of the road... So naturally, you wouldn't want to drive too fast because your car would be torn apart bumping into some holes or bumper. But all of a sudden, this bloody car overtook me!


Beau: Singaporean. You know how they are.

Clayden: What? Is he some kind of ambassador or something?

Beau: Why did you say that?

Clayden: The red plate.

Beau: Nah... they have different rules on their roads remember?

Clayden: Still. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM? Can't wait to die is it?

Beau: Calm down dear.... No point getting angry over these ignorant people.

No offence my Singaporean readers. But I do think some of your country-men need some moral education. Ignorant. Arrogant. Show-off.


zhenyu27 said...

those singaporean drivers are fuckers , going to get mental with all the kiasuness

Naughty Prince said...

calm down..
singaporean are kia su...
jz calm down...

Brainy Smurf said...

red car plates is cheap

Armanique said...

wahahaha some drivers in sg is like... i battle that everyday one... they are impatient in nature

Deicidal said...

they do it here....because they don't get summoned.
even if they do... it's cheaper to bribe HERE. :D

Tempus said...

meh some singaporeans are that much of a pain in the arse. thank goodness the sgs I'm acquaintance with now is darn bloody nice fellas!

simonlover said...

You know, there was once whr I got stuck for 1 hour while leaving a Singapore Mall during closing time, all because those Singaporean drivers wouldn't want to give way for my car to turn out!!! --- Each time the front car moves, even a one centimetre, the back car will also do the same until the distance between both cars are barely 1 centimetre as well!!!

-- Damn Kiasu Shit man! And it takes another Malaysian plate car to willingly let me turn out. So damn pathetic drivers. So different from Malaysia's Tidak-Apa & Tolak-Ansur attitude...Seriously!