Aug 14, 2011


We went for a group exercise one day, of which we know would be pretty packed... But as far as we were concerned, group exercises are always packed, what am I talking? LOL. Anyways... after the earlier class ended, all the other members rushed in and reserve their spot inside the studio, while I was being all too gentlemanly letting people go first... And in the end, the usual spot where Beau and I would be taking, were taken up by some member we never saw before.

Beau was a bit frustrated... and hissed... "Asked you to be kiasu a BIT already just now..."

Clayden just smiled stupidly.


Sometimes I just don't understand why would all these members rushed in before all the members of the previous class clear the studio. It was ridiculous really.

Even more ridiculous, people starting to place the step board 45 minutes before the first evening class. WTF?!


Danny said...

it's time for you to be more kiasu! :D


ish~ i hate tat too