Aug 7, 2011


Sometimes I really wonder... Some gays make a profile and posted their photos on the profile visible to everyone else and well. So. Seeing that, it's only normal that I know who in the gym are gays from the past sightings of their photo on gay personnels websites.

Never really attempted to write to them. Just had fun going through their profiles and such. And yea, sometimes I really wonder. If I know they're gay, those who has their photos posted would've exposed that they too have viewed other people's profiles.

My point. If 2 persons who know each other are gays, wouldn't a nod or a smile be better than to act as if you don't know each other? And they're just working out next to each other.

Or maybe I guess, they're just avoiding awkwardness. I know I had. Still avoiding the muscular man whom I communicated with, and turned out not being his type and was told that in the face. Or maybe it's just me. Need to be more narcissistic next time. ;)

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