Oct 20, 2011

Double Standard

So Beau and I joined this fun run organized by NTV7 months ago, and in our goodie bags there were lots of stuff. Amongst them is a tub of TLC's body lotion. I've yet to use mine, since well, it's not like we've got winter here and I never have any dry skin problem. Not sure about Beau's though.

One day while doing our shopping, we came across TLC's product on the shelf. And guess what...

Beau: Eee! The Feel Good Run one wor...

Clayden: Eeee... wah, not cheap. 20 bucks.

Beau: Mine's the Matahari one.

Clayden: How can? Mine's purple...

Beau: Dunno wor. I got orange one.

Clayden: Yeeerrr! Double standard. I got cheaper one.

But of course, all for the joke. No offense!

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