Oct 8, 2011


Couple 1: What are you looking at?

Couple 2: The Isetan member card thing.

Couple 1: You have meh?

Couple 2: I think I have one. At home maybe.

Couple 2 asked the cashier: Sorry, where to check the points ah?

Cashier: At the I Club on the 2nd floor.

Couple 2 again,: What do I get from the points?

Cashier: Usually you can redeem as vouchers.

Couple 1: You got?

Couple 2: Dont know leh...

So schweet.... like married couple like that. Or maybe they are. LOL


Naughty Prince said...

u can be one of them too...

ooi2009 said...

i still have a fetish with you , no kidding , hot fuzz explosion lah

Le Chatelier said...

Your bloggies can become so soothing u know~ Relaxed :-)

freddiewee said...

I think i know that couple.. :)