Dec 18, 2009

Confirm Gay

The beau and I were in Starbucks Summit one afternoon and I was getting the drink while he got the table with a couch. So when I came back with 2 cups of drinks in my hand, I took a peek at the next table. 2 young guys, from their trendy clothings, can tell they're gays. Not quite exactly gay couple, as they were looking at this design thingy on one of their's laptop, the owner commenting on the composition and colours, from what I heard. But it was just so coincidentally before I sat down that he closed that window and I saw the wallpaper of this guy.

I sat down, smiled to the beau and said "gay."

He was at that time looking at the guys as well, and he responded with a smile as well.

Not long after that, as I was sitting backing them gay guys, and the beau sitting opposite me, he held up his hand, seemingly greeting some guy behind me. I thought it'd be some passerbys he knew. But who would've guess, it was actually one of the two gay guys in the next table!

I looked at him, asking him who it was.


My eyes wide open, and I just grinned.

Hennesy is apparently one of the bodystep instructors whose class I go to. LOL


Takashi said...

cool :)

nicky05 said...
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Ed said...

it's really a small world~

nicky05 said... like gaydar.....heheh..XD

Calvin @ Bien said...

nicky05: yah, he really a 'walking gaydar'
Clayden: i will more carefully while Im in Starbuck with my boy...hahahaha