Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!

Kinda fast isn't it? It was just like yesterday that we got together and became a couple. But it seemed like we've been married for decades! Haha. Maybe both of us talked to much and got to know each other a lot already, but for the past few months we were together, it was really happy times. Somehow, it just happened without me even expecting. And I thought I was looking for love with other guys when my perfect man has been standing right next to me all along. :)

I have to express my gratitude here again and again. You're the best that ever happened to me this year dear. :) Well, amongst the best. Hehe. But rest assured, I love you a lot. Very very much.

Happy New Year 2010 again!


nicky05 said...

Happie New Year to you and beau lol...hehehhehe..XD

Calvin @ Bien said...

Haha...happy new yr, n to u too, Nicky!!!

Nate River said...

happy new year =)

jz pass by ...