Dec 17, 2009

Sinfully guilty

I admit I might be a visual slut. I slut around even when I'm with the beau. And when I mean I'm a visual slut, I cruise around wherever I go! In the gym, in the mall, while dining, basically everywhere. And when I see 2 possible guys walking together, I'd say "gay couple" and he'd look at me and ask, how do you know? to which I reply, I just know. >.<

So while we were at Starbucks in Subang Jaya the other day, there was this young chap in purple tights fondling with a phone or something. His biceps are just so big I couldn't take my eyes of it. I had the thought of wanting to snap a picture of it but he didn't appear to be large enough in my camera, so I gave up.

The thing is, the beau was sitting in another table with a proper couch because well, who wouldn't want a couch right? I was sitting in those wooden chair because it's nearer to a socket. So we were seated seperately... And I was turning my head to look at big biceps guy like once in every 30 seconds.

So this guy, he's actually in his early 20s I think. Definitely a gym member, and I assume he's a student of Taylor's. Just an assumption. Fair skin, spikey hair, tight shirt, jeans, white shoes. Either he's a sportsman or he's an avid gymmer. And he's got like, amazing body!

Die la now I even blog it out here. The beau's gonna strangle me. HAHAHA.


Nicholas said...
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nicky05 said...

Post the picture la....i want to see.....plssssssssssssss, kor kor.....hehehehehe..XD

Bravebear said...

woah, big biceps are hard to get wor... but... so big oso no use... LOL!

Evann said...

"Visual slut". Heheh. Do you secretly undress them in your mind as well? xD

simonlover said...

Haha...Me also like to comment which one is gay or gay couple whn i'm out with my BF too...Hehehe. Sometimes i kena scolding for being to nosy too. Sigh!