Dec 1, 2009

Hardrock Fan


I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. *beaming from ear to ear* Happy happy joy joy.

I didn't know what I could get for the beau. It must be something practical. All those ornaments souvenirs would be useless as they would probably be stashed away somewhere rotting and collecting dust. He has already got a fridge magnet from his sister, that's the best ornaments one could get for him.

So I just asked him straight, knowing he'd rather know what I would get for him rather than a useless surprise.

"Hardrock cafe t-shirt lah." He said.

"Another addition to my Hardrock cafe t-shirt collection. Hehe. I want the type that has the logo in front and the scenery of Taipei at the back. Not those pasar malam type okeh?"

So I was already setting aside 100 bucks for him when he came tell me he changed his mind.

"Anything will do lah. Pasar malam shirt is fine with me already."

Then I probed.

And he said, "I looked online, there's no Hardrock Cafe listed in Taipei."

Awww... shucks.

Taipei Taipei here I come! Wooooooooooeeeeeeeeee! :D


ichimaru akira said...

Bring back some pics


wow :) enjoy ur trip

Ben & Bien said...

jus read ur blog recently...very interesting...keep it up :) can i add u in my list? thanks...