Dec 27, 2009


It was raining one evening while we were going to the gym. We passed by TTDI and there were all those rain water accumulated by the curb. He drove slowly trying not to run over those water pots to avoid splashing those pedestrian walking to their respective cars. Traffic was slow-moving of course, considering it was raining quite heavily. But somehow, he couldn't avoid a passing lady and splashed her dress.

I looked at him astonished.

"What? She crossed the road even though she knew I was coming!"

"But you could slow down at least!"

"I was already slow wasn't I?"

"Yeah but you still splashed her!"

"She knew I was coming!"

"Fine... She must be cursing you gazillions now."


Calvin @ Bien said...

don't blame him...everyone does...the lady shld be more careful if she dont wan to get wet...hehe...:p ~~Driver is rights~~

nicky05 said...

lol......don't angry at him... he's been very caution..lo...XD

Takashi said...

drivers couldnt help it if the water splash on others, but the pedestrian must be more [xing mok] not to walk near water!