Jul 2, 2010


Beau: Dear, where are you going for lunch?

Clayden: Not sure yet. Maybe just somewhere nearby.

Beau: I see. I'm going out with my neighbour for bak kut teh.

Clayden: Huh? Your neighbour?

Beau: Yea, the one with the son.

Clayden: You're close with your neighbour one meh?

Beau: Yeah. Why?

Clayden: Just find it shocking. Didn't know gays would be close to their neighbours. LOL

Beau: -.-


Koala Express said...

u see at the wrong angle. the subject is the son. lolx

Mr.D said...

i smell sweet jealousy.

Takashi said...


im only as close to my neighbours on my floor as a smile :P