Jul 18, 2010


One day, while warming up on the threadmill...

Me: Know what we should do?

Beau: What?

Me: Waxing.

Beau: Huh? What's that?

Me: Hair waxing lor. Wanna clear all these hair on my legs and become 'pak chan kai'.

Beau *speechless*, pretended to faint.

Me: No mar... when the hairs are gone, my calf muscles will show!

Beau *pretended to vomit* then *faint*.


I mean, true what, the leg hairs are such an eyesore for my nice calves!


Jon C said...

so how was the run today?

Paul Figaro J said...

agree! agree!

For Better or Worse said...

hey clayden,

you and ur beau always make me feel u guys r cute couple. remind me to my beau......hehehehehe sweet one lei......

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