Jul 4, 2010

Our Place

It's not easy to find a place that provides good connectivity but not well known to many people for our weekend out, so when we finally settled for one somewhere nearby my place (still not gonna tell you where, in case you go there and steal our bandwith! LOL)

So... it was shocking one evening when we came out from the gym and headed home and we passed by the shop and...

Clayden: OMG! What happened to our shop?

Beau: Yea lah! What happened?

After one second looking at the shop, we continued walking.

Beau: Darn. Need to find a new place again.

Clayden: Where do you have in mind.

Beau: Been looking for so long and we found this place. But now closed down. Sigh.

Can't blame the shop. He's not well-known. He didn't have much customer. Who asked us to be so selfish and not share it with our friends. T.T

1 comment:

tuls said...

dint share the lair.. hm.. you arr.. see now.. close liao!! how? pergi jalan jalan cari tempat..