Jul 14, 2010

Les Mills Training

So we were walking in the mall one day when I had this idea. Ever since this guy started taking up BC training, I've been hearing more are going into the training as well. So, I for one, didn't want to be 'kiasu' and thought I should maybe go for one too.

Me: What do you think about me taking up Les Mills certificate?

Beau: Huh? For what?

Me: Just for fun. Who knows when I'm sick of my job I could just go work in the gym.

Beau: Crazy... What do you wanna train in?

Me: Hmmm... I hate Combat, that's for sure. I can't swing my ass as much in Jam. So that just leave me Steps and Pump. And Vive. But I hate Vive. Maybe Steps.

Beau: Still got another one.

Me: Oh ya! RPM!

Beau: But hor... if you're going for those instructorship, there's one thing for sure lor, I won't be going to your class.

Me: But why????

Beau: To me, an instructor should be a motivator. So hor, the nice nice body is a form a motivation. Get what I mean?

Me: Grrr....


dancerboy said...

eyer... beau so bad!!! hahahahahahhahahahah XD

tuls said...

clayden, you work your ass up like no one's business and show him what you got.. get your instructorship thingy and then you recruit all those hot followers see whether beau join or not.. hmm!!!

Takashi said...

HAhaha.. I agree with tuls :P

U will have ur own followers.. and thanks for mentioning me without mentioning me!! LOLX...

Jason Choong is next for B.Pump.. and RPM training is very limited.. usually once a year.. check it at www.lesmills.com.au under INSTRUCTOR

all the best!

Paul Figaro J said...

Clayden, take up RPM lah....and i'll go your class! purposely all the ways go KL from Penang!