Dec 24, 2010

End of One Year

So that's it. The end of the year 2010. Major things happened. Relationships going steady. Carreer tsunami. Environment change.

Been busy for the past few months flying in and out of the country trying to look for a suitable place in down south, Beau came by a few times with me for short breaks as well, trying to get hold of the new lifestyle we're going to be having in the next couple of years, hopefully not too long. Finally settling down in a small cozy unit. Looks like it's going to be a long distance relationship for a while. *sobs* While Beau's still need a few time for arrangement of internal transfer, I suppose I will be alone down there for a while.

I served my previous company for the final couple of months just for the resignation notice, totally care-free and happy. I wasn't given any heavy tasks, and life's been good. I went in late, came out early, and everyone in the office were practically my friend; even the hot Burmese cleaner in the 5th floor toilet. No other intentions. Which was why, I spent quite a lot, shopping for myself and everyone else I love. I'm gonna make sure everyone misses me. LMAO.

The annual family gathering this year will take place in Vietnam. The parents flying in from Hong Kong on Christmas Eve just in time for the gathering. 2nd Uncle's orchard have been the regular meeting point, pretty much because it's huge and big enough to accomodate the big family. After the grandparents' passing 7 years ago, we started having this sort of gathering, not sure why. Perhaps Dad's siblings thought it's better to strengthen the family bonding before it's too late. Not that I'm complaining, I'm pretty contented. 2nd Uncle's eldest son is... YUMMY. Don't ask. LOL. Plus, 3rd uncle's son, since we bumped into each other in Frangi 2 years back, been quite a close friend. Oops, maybe I shouldn't say so much about my family.

But needless to say, it's going to be the break before the start of a new life down under. Aussie-bums, here I come! No puns intended. LOL.

Before I forget, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

ps: Will update after I got back from the 2 week long holiday. ;)

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