Dec 4, 2010

Kevin Cheng

Clayden put up a status on his Facebook page one night when he saw Kevin Cheng on the television programme, "OMG Kevin Cheng schooooo cute!"

The next day, when Clayden and Beau were having dinner after gym;

Beau: Dear watched the drama series?

Clayden: Not really. Just that I was in time to watch some of him last night.

Beau: Actually you looked quite like him in certain angle.

Clayden: Really?

Beau: Certain angle lor.

Clayden: Yea right... a fat version of Kevin Cheng probably.

Beau: Haha. Maybe.

Clayden: -.-"


Paul Figaro J said...

yalor... certain angle, from behing

derek said...

he is quite hot though.

derek said...
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