Dec 8, 2010

Nike from the USA

Beau's cousin was coming from the United States for Christmas this year.

Beau: So what do you want from the US?

Clayden: Hmmm... Iphone!

Beau: Why? Ipad better. Or Itouch. Besides, Iphone from the US, you can't use in Malaysia.

Clayden: What's Itouch?

Beau: Iphone without the phone.

Clayden: Then what's the point of the thing?

Beau: Like a portable laptop.

Clayden: I've got my laptop already.

Beau: But Itouch is cooler.

Clayden: Maybe just an Android.

Beau: You're using Diamond!

Clayden: Or just a pair of Nike.

Beau: That's better.

-.-" So he just wanted me to say that...

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