Dec 6, 2010

Falling Sick

One night while waiting for the Beau to finish his workout, Clayden suddenly felt chilly. Perhaps he had just finished the RPM class earlier and was all soaked in sweat.

Clayden: Dear, cold wor...

Beau: Want my big towel? (Instead of the small face towel which ran out, the front desk counter gave him the big shower towel.)

Clayden: For what?

Beau: So can cover yourself up.

Clayden: -.-" I think I better go shower.

And he headed straight to the shower for a good hot shower.

It was the first day he fell sick, down with a bad tonsils infection.


tuls said...

my brother remove his tonsil when he was 9.. poor thing... i miss my brother..

tuls said...

oh yea.. sorry.. got carried away.. erm.. you take care yea.. get well soon.. beau!!! ho yan hor for clayclay..