May 30, 2011

Bloody Couple

Now I know why Beau gets really touchy driving on Malaysian road, especially on peak hours. Heck it wasn't even peak hours when I was driving home last night, it was way past 10 and God knows what bottleneck all these lousy contractors are interested in, converging 5 lanes into 2 small puny gravel unfinished lanes. On Persiaran Surian that was!

And all of a sudden, this bloody Kancil cut into my lane without signal, that I had to make an emergency break. Luckily the car behind me wasn't too near or else there'd be some chain accident causing even more backlogging.

Whoever this driver is (gay couple), be more courteous on the road please. Bloody hell. Can't wait to get home for some f**king is it?

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