May 26, 2011

2 Guys 1 Toilet

Guys who've read this piece of news from my Facebook status would've known this encounter. Was in Starbucks one day and there was this couple walking in, early 20s, one muscular the other lean. After a while, they were gone...

It was actually an accidental incident.
I headed to the loo to find the muscular guy washing his hand. Toilets inside Starbucks is actually something like, both the male's and female's toilet were behind another door. So while there is only one room for the male, the other's for the female; while there's a common sink for washing hand.
I tried to open the door to the men's and it was locked. So I left t
he toilet.

A while later, thinking the men's were already cleared, I went in again. The second time, there was a lady instead. I opened the knob to the men's and still, it was locked. So I headed out again. Then another lady followed, assuming the one waiting inside managed to get her turn for the loo.

Not long after that, I see the couple came out of the toilet

The puzzle here... if the ladies' occupied by the lady... and th
ere's only one room for men... why would the 2 guys be coming out together, when none of them were seen by the sink when I went in the second time? LOL

By the way, yes, the muscle guy is hot. :P


Advocate said...

it's normal ;)

Paul Figaro J said...

Sharing is caring... They are just caring each other

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