May 24, 2011

Pressie 52411

This date is going down in history. 52411.

LOL... Clayden's like, sky high in happiness... Cuz Beau got him a gift. LOL. I mean, it's not like Beau never get him anything, but somehow, this gift just felt special. Can't stop smiling now.

Beau: You want or not?

Clayden: Don't know... hehe

Beau: Ish... like that also don't know?

Clayden: Yea mar... if you wanna buy for me then you should decide one lor.

Beau: Well, if you want, then I get for you lar; if not I won't buy lor.

Clayden: Of course if you buy for me I'll love it lor. But if you don't buy I'm also okay one.

Beau: So which one you want?

Hehehehehhehe.... So cute. Hehehehehehhee... so happy now. heeeeeheheheeee


Chen Xing said...

So, what is it that he got you ?

Naughty Prince said...

wish u happy always...

ooi2009 said...

ewwwwwwe, so girly guys

KeeCeeJay said...

blek :P i that always happen to me, so indecisive hahaha :D but the outcome is happy! hehe