May 6, 2011

Getting Lost

One fine day, I was venturing out to Mont Kiara to get familiarize with the place, heard there's a new gym branch there. I drove around the narrow road in that highly populated area, looking for the designated building where the gym is. Two rounds circling the area, and I still couldn't find where the building is.

Finally, I gave up and headed out to Avenue K instead.

That night, I told Beau...

Clayden: Can't see 1MK.

Beau: It's just by the side of the road.

Clayden: I saw Plaza MK though.

Beau: It's exactly opposite the plaza!

Clayden: Really? There's some construction across the plaza!

Beau: No not the other side, if you're on the main road underneath the elevated highway, you won't miss 1MK.

Clayden: I was! But there wasn't any signs or anything.

Beau: It's the big white building... just after the traffic lights.

Clayden: THAT's 1MK?! *smacks head*


And hence, the status update "From Mont Kiara to Avenue K".


ooi2009 said...

avenue k is a sex hub u know clay

Clayden L. said...

yeaps... me know that