May 13, 2011

Deadly stares

Beau was almost about to blow up. The chubby kid of a Indian Muslim family was running around and singing. Beau had been staring at his parents for a few times, trying to give hints so they would control their child.

But just as I finally lost mine too, the parents finally brought him home. He was reluctant. But his Mum left him straight away. His dad too, pretended to leave. They'd been telling him, he could run in one of their uncle's house, in the kitchen and what nots. Kid was reluctant, but had to give in at last.

Perhaps Beau's deadly stares finally worked.

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voiceitout said...

You should go up to that kid and say, boleh duduk diam2 tak? lol

I actually came across a little girl, aged approx 3yo, at the back of a car yesterday when I was driving home. I waved at this little girl, guess what she did to me? She did the 'I'ma punch you in your face' hand sign. So rude, kids nowadays are so kurang ajar. Parents should really teach their kids properly.