Jul 28, 2011


We're both quite fans of Japanese sashimis. So we've tried the few Japanese buffet restaurants in town. Tenji and Shogun, as well as Tao. And most of the times, we would just go for the raw oyster, raw salmon, raw tuna and any other sashimis available. Very rarely would we take the sushi or the tempura.

So one day, before heading for our reservation in one of the Japanese restaurant...

Clayden: How much is 2kg?

Beau: Just a small plate in the gym.

Clayden: But the amount of salmon weighing 2kg, is it a lot?

Beau: *choked* Of course!

Clayden: Yeah... that's what I thought. I'd probably gain less than that no matter how much I eat.

Beau: =.="

-.- Well hey, buffet isn't exactly in the diet for one who's watching is food intake for the Zeus-like physique, no? LOL


Naughty Prince said...

u like salmon??
have u try sake sushi?

Tempus said...

try umami, going soon.