Jul 13, 2011

smelly shirt

so one day, I picked Beau up for our regular weekend date...

Beau: dear, you're wearing the same shirt as yesterday!

Clayden: is it? I wore this yesterday?

Beau: yea, we went to the gym remember?

Clayden: oh yea! but you're also wearing the same clothes!

Beau: I didn't. I word black yesterday.

Clayden: no you word the same shirt too. don't lie... I got proof some more.

so there we were, wearing some smelly shirts and became the smelly couple for the day.


rotiboy said...

lol I used to 'rotate' my clothes to be wore for 2 times depending on the condition before washing them. I think most guys do. I worked in air-cond' office so I didn't really sweat other than in crowded LRT.

Chen Xing said...

Send to laundry, easier.

Little Prince said...

wear. wore. worn.

Deicidal said...

Just take em off! :D