Jul 12, 2011

Closed Doors

So we were watching the television programe one day...

And all of a sudden I felt my tummy churning and my anal sphincter relaxing.

CLayden: Gotta hit the looo....

And I ran into the toilet, and closed the door.

Beau: Is there a need to close the door?

Clayden: Yeah... of course.

Beau: It's only big business.

With Beau, there is no secrecy. Open door policy. -.-


Tempus said...

still, its best to keep them to ourselves, no matter how intimate we can get.

i wouldn't want to have pungents unless it's absolutely necessary, like when someone is having constipation or something.

Le Chatelier said...

So sweet ;-) Ur the absolute winner when it comes to u and yr bf ;-) I could only wish for one~

Deicidal said...

yeeee smelly!!

For Better or Worse said...

agreed. Me and my mr Big also applied same thing. The privacy only for No2. for No 1, should be ok.