Jul 15, 2011

indecisive Clayden

so we were contemplating what to do after movie...

Clayden: what to do what to do?

Beau: you decide...

Clayden: gym?

Beau: can.

Clayden: or lunch first?

Beau: no problem.

Clayden: or drink? I'm sure this time round a lot of the bars are having happy hours.

Beau: sure.

Clayden: so which one you wanna do? gym or drink?

Beau: you decide...

after some 10 minutes,

Clayden: lets go drinking...

lol. that's how indecisive people decide. lol.


Scharsz said...

lol. well gym will always the last option for me. well that makes sense why am getting fatter now :P

I guess that makes u fatter now too ahha

TZ said...

hey dude, drinking should be the reward for going to the gym. So gym first then drinking :p