Jun 13, 2010

Safe Text

Beau and I, we used to text each other when we reach home, especially the driver. But after a while, say about half a year or so, the habit somehow died off. LMAO. Because, both of us would automatically go online after we were done showering and everything.

But then again, sometimes, we would still text each other when we got home, especially the driver, and especially the Beau. Me? Not really. LMAO.

So one day, we were drinking in a bar, and got a little bit tipsy. We were still able to drive alright, so we got home.

Just as I was about to get to shower, Beau texted me, "Dear, I reached jor. Miss my dear jor. I go shower first. :-* :-* :-*"

I wanted to text him, "So fast one?", but I didn't.

So when we were both online later on, the Beau chatted with me.

"Dear didn't reply my text one. So worry."

"Hehehe, I'm also home already lor. Naked in my room now."

"So nice ah? Aiyah, I should have followed dear back home lar. Then can get naked together in the room."


It stops there. HAHAHA.


Barry said...
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Barry said...

never loose each other, life gets so much better the longer you stay together... me and my partner are no in our 10th year

this comment doesn't have the typos haha ^^