Jun 3, 2010

Want eggs?

Beau usually take some eggs before his workout sessions.

So one day, while I was waiting for him in the gym, he texted me saying he was leaving his office and would be reaching soon. The RPM class that we were to go for were to start in about 1 hour. So I replied asking if he wanna come in straight to the club or he wanna get some eggs first. Difference was, if he were to go get some eggs, I wouldn't change into the gym wear yet, as my pants would be pretty short and would definitely draw too much attention.

His reply was, "Get eggs 1st. Hopefully got time."

Somehow rather than not, I thought it sounded cheeky... LMAO.

Dirty people rejoyce! LMAO


Skyhawk said...

Wow, tight shorts to show egg?

nasrul said...


tight short to show egg?