Jun 22, 2010

Beefy stocky

Somehow rather than not, this guy had a body which resembles one of my old old old old old guy.

Can't stop drooling, cuz he's huge. I mean body wise. Not lean toned, not those bodybuilder kinda muscles. But definitely salvagable. Apparently, he worked out since he was 30. 10 years later, he's this really huge G-man kinda look. I mean, that old old old old old guy of mine 2 years ago.

I once asked if the beau ever thought of taking up bodybuilding. I mean, it's a very selfish request I kow. I shouldn't be asking of him. But I didn't want to be a bodybuilder myself. I just want to HAVE a bodybuilder. LMAO.

Know what beau replied? I don't like. I just like what I am now.

Then I said, but you got tummy already!

He snapped back, yeah, still not as big as yours.

Fine. I pouted.


Anonymous said...

he's a good shape, i think too perfect takes too much work and doesn't feel as good. i'm just like this guy in the picture, but probably a lot taller

Anonymous said...


Takashi said...

maybe i saw someone with a huge belly but i didnt look twice cos i am into hunky toned guys :P

dancerboy said...

i've always fantasize of a bodybuilder bf, kinda hot but i'm happy with the current one...
tummy or no tummy, as long as when we hug i can feel his warm is fine by me... XP