Jun 9, 2010

Couple Seats

We were at the ticketing counter asking for tickets for Ip Man 2 for the next day. The light blue seats were available, but pretty front and near to the screen. I was looking at the other colours, wondering if they were taken. That was when the guy at the counter asked us the question.

"Or you could take a couple seat. Red colour."

And so couple seat it was. First time really. With the Beau. Most of the movies that we watched together, we were sitting quite to the front in those single seats, but so far we had no complaints about our seats because we don't go to TGV where the seats were literally straight! LMAO.

After we purchased our tickets, Beau raised his suspicion.

"Do you think that guy just now, his gaydar was ringing?"

I looked at him.

"No lah."

But after a while, I pondered at what the Beau asked.





Ed said...

hahaha.... you two must have couple look...... that's why he notice lor


couple seats are more comfortable ma~