Nov 9, 2010

Six Pack

Beau: There's a machine there for abs. Quite nice. Been using it for a week.

Clayden: Really? That means there are 2 in the gym.

Beau: Yes. Quite a good machine. I wanna train back my six pack.

Clayden: *smirking*

Beau: What? Don't believe me?

Clayden: Nope.

Beau: If I get my six pack how?

Clayden: Like that lor... it's yours, not mine.

Beau: Hmmm... Maybe should bet with you who gets the 6 pack first.

Clayden: Cannot... Then I sure lose one.

Beau: Not necessarily, you're younger.

Clayden: So?

Beau: You're younger, so you lose more fat compared to me.

Clayden: -.-"

1 comment:

Chen Xing said...

OMG{orgasmicly}!!! Whose abs belongs to?