Nov 30, 2010


I don't know how to cook. I can't cook. So one day after I finally found out how to cook chawamushi, I happily told the beau I was cooking the steam egg for dinner.

Clayden: Hehe. I'm cooking chawamushi.

Beau: Cook also didn't tell me.

Clayden: Next time I cook for you lo...

Beau: Say only.

Beau likes chawamushi as a dessert whenever we go to the Japanese restaurant. Everytime we go to any of those Japanese restaurants, we'd end our meal with chawamushi. But somehow, I think I still need to perfect my cooking. Apparently, my steam eggs were done in big bowl instead of small cups. LOL. Perhaps that was why I couldn't estimate the amount of soya sauce needed to give it some taste.

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