Nov 24, 2010


Apparently... the narcissistic self-loathing gym instructor wasn't the only person moving down south to the hot island country down there. No puns intended. I received my offer letter for a position I've been longing for for a while by now.

The thing is... I'm afraid. I have very bad impression of the coountry you see. I've lived in some other countries, and I've always take quite a long time adapting to the local and well, let's just say KL is where I felt home the most when I came back from overseas. After 4 years here, I can't believe I need to move again. Nomad much?

Have no idea how this relationship's gonna be. Beau's probably going for a promotion in his company. And that would mean it's quite impossible for him to quit as easily as I could.

Is this what we call impermenance in life?


tuls said...

you guys can make it through dont worry.. like skyhawk and darren, they say they meet once a month kinda thing.. so.. its still manageable and the distance is still bareable as you can reach by car.. so.. yea.. good luck to the both of you *hugs*

kidz said...

On the "slightly" brighter side.. there are lots of eye candies on this island, though personally i dun find the island itself best place to live but u have to admit the guys here in general do dress better, it's like they pick up the dress sense from gay community without realizing it.. n not to mention everyone got shaped thru army..

savante said...

Time to make a pro-con list then. Certanly doesn't meant you have to take the offer. Talk it out with your partner. A long-distance relationship isn't easy.

DinoRic said...

I agree with Paul(Savante). Managing a long distant relationship isn't easy. I've seen many examples around me. Well, there is a successful one. I have a friend who got together with his partner in KL but the bf have to go over to The United States for studies and work. I saw how my friend suffered from this till the point he felt like giving up. And the loneliness strikes in 24/7. But they manage to go through it, they have been happily together for more than 2 years now.

But others i just saw them broke up one by one. They couldn't go through it.

If you really want to the job your relationship is at risk. But if you ever go through the risk you both's relationship became much stronger. It's a tough road.

Think Wise..


Derek said...

Hi there,

I'm sure you guys can get through it. It's only until the bf finds a job ... so hang in there.

Like for me, I call and text the bf everyday and every night. Technology really makes the distance bearable.

All the best!