Nov 28, 2010

Long Distance

So it's formalized, this mental preparation for a long distance relationship.

Clayden: Then when are you going to come over?

Beau: Soon. When I manage to apply for another new job there.

Clayden: How long?

Beau: Don't worry lah. It's not like we're going to be so far away. You can always come back for a short break, or I could drop by when I'm off.

Clayden: Okay... if you're okay with that.

Beau: But you must keep in touch one wor. Don't say so busy until chatting also no time.

Clayden: Huh? Why?

Beau: Still dare say...

@.@ Ooops. Maybe I could be too engrossed with somethings at time... Wasn't even talking to beau for a week when I was posted outstation a couple months ago. LOL.


tuls said...

you guys can do it de!! :)

Derek said...

Hey. It takes some getting used to, but should be alright. I whatsapp the bf everyday, call him everynight. The physical presence is still hard to compensate, especially since you guys have been seeing each other quite often in KL.

But yeah, it's doable. And it's only until he finds a job!

All the best. Give me a buzz if you need someone to show you around in Sg! =)